Four Steps to Residency in South Africa

We often get asked, what one needs to do to be able to live and stay in South Africa. At our company, we turn the question around and ask you, our client, what you would like to do here? Let’s have a look at the typical steps.

Step 1: Developing an Immigration Plan

Our clients’ interest, wishes and priorities form the centre of our strategy which we will use this to create a plan that suits each individual’s needs.

When starting the process, the 3 core questions are:

  1. What do you ultimately wish to do in South Africa?
  2. Who are the parties to your application/ who wants to come with you?
  3. When do you want to come to South Africa?

We will then use this information and match you with an Immigration Category (or categories) such as Study, Work, Business, Retired, etc. We will also send you a quotations for our services and advise on external fees.

Then, the real work starts.

Step 2: Hunting and Gathering

After you’ve agreed to our fees we will send you a checklist that lists all the documents the Immigration Act and Regulations requires for an applications in the respective category.

Together we will then gather all the documents listed and we will “quality check” and start putting your application together, giving you constant feedback.

Our services includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Obtaining translations, certifications and verifications by a commissioner of oaths or Chartered Accountant (where necessary).
  • Drafting of relevant letters and undertakings
  • Completing all relevant forms
  • Ultimately, handing over/ couriering the application pack to the client

Throughout this process, we will be on your side to guide you through this process individually and personally and answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Step 3: Submission of Applications

After you received said applications, you will have to submit them in person at the relevant mission abroad or at a VFS office in South Africa.

We will continue our engagement and support throughout the process, where possible. Should you submit in South Africa, we can arrange to accompany you for your submission to support in person.

Step 4: Post approval of your Visa or Application

After your visa/ permit has been approved, you will be free to live and operate in South Africa (within the limits of your visa).

We can provide information on:

  • Compliance with your Visa or Permit
  • Applying for a South Africa Identity Book
  • Applying for a South African Driver’s License
  • Immigration status related questions such as banking, tax, etc.
  • Future Visa or Permit options for relatives, who may wish to follow you.

Please feel free to engage with us and we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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