Immigration, Visas & Permits

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We will gladly assist you with the following visa related services —

  Visa Extensions

We assist with any visa extensions, from 90-day tourist visas to business visas.

  Retired Visas

Retirement visas are not specifically only available to those at or over the retirement age, but are rather based on a retirement income threshold. Anyone with a lifelong monthly income comprised out of pension or assets to the amount of ZAR 37,000.00 or more qualify for this type of visa. All those who qualify for temporary residence will also qualify for a permanent residence permit.

  Relative Visas

Relatives visas are an option to all those with South African citizen or permanent residence family members.  Applicants whom are in a spousal relationship/marriage with a South African citizen/permanent resident may also be entitled to work, study or run a business in South Africa, without necessarily fulfilling any other criteria. Depending on the relation, applicants may also qualify for a permanent residence permit.

  Business Visas

Those wishing to start up or take over an existing business in South Africa will need to apply for a business visa. These visas have significant requirements, but once adhered to, entitle the holder to permanent residence as well.

  Work Visas

Anyone wishing to take up employment in South Africa, will need one of the various types of work visas. These range from visas for employees seconded to SA from abroad, to the critically skilled individuals deemed to be in high demand in South Africa.

  Permanent Residence or Retirement

Permanent Residence in South Africa is attainable in many ways, for instance based on Critical Skills, a long term employment, a spousal relationship, setting up of a business, retirement or a certain personal wealth.

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